Network Management System

Network Management System is an engine that can help network applications to determine type of applications and protocols network sessions.
Network Management System built by new technologies to meet new network criteria. Many applications transfer their traffic in some encrypted ways, this make detection of protocols so hard, and decreased the engine’s precision. Network Management System had overcome this obstacle with occupying new technologies in machine learning and deep learning.

Network Management System can detect type of protocol and application of encrypted network traffic without need of deciphering them.

Network Management System uses classic pattern recognition as well as ML/DL methods to decrease cost of detection. Fast updates to cover application traffic changes is very critical in the system engines.

Network Management System can deliver this feature when it delivers extracting pattern in traffic to machine instead of human. Using a huge laboratory contains many GPUs makes this process fast enough. Automated traffic generation makes system detect the changes in application traffics as soon as possible and make it possible to generate the updated engine with a little man work and a lot of automated processes running on huge hardware.

Bank Customer Credit Scoring

Credit scoring is a traditional financial problem. We used new AI technologies to push the barriers of solutions in this era. Our solution can check Loan requests with customer’s prior behavior and even with no knowledge about the customer other than profile information. This system gives the bankers predictions about their customers. Bankers can consistently verify their customer payback behavior and automatically be informed when customer behavior shows defaults in future.

Sometimes using new technologies to solve old problems generates big difference in results and this problem is one of them. Including global and countries financial state in analysis makes the system very adaptable for any situation.
This solution runs simultaneously when business goes up and down and adapts itself with situation to increase its precision. Although this system has good precision but this does not mean you do not need your professionals when accepting a loan request. This system can survey accepted loans payback behavior that your professionals cannot monitor all time.

Massive Face Recognition

Massive video streams are everywhere now. Recognizing faces in them has many use cases in mass media broadcasting, advertising, customer experience improvement in shops, video surveillance and so on.

Our massive face recognition solution can work on many video stream simultaneously with negligible delay. This solution can detects many faces in a frame and there is no need to stop the system for adding new faces to detect.

The system can generate some fingerprints from faces you provide and use that fingerprints to recognize them without re-training the system.

All components of this system is horizontally scalable. This means depending on your problem each part of system can be scaled in a cloud like system and this utilizes hardware.

Big Data

Dealing with Tens of millions records per second and storing hundreds of petabytes data is not an easy problem for many corporations. Our solutions made it easy for many of them. We provide all the way from hardware, network and datacenter to big data solutions and analytics of data in one integrated solution.
Just keep your data safe in your place and not in public clouds and tame your data to know how you can change the world for the better.

We provided small scale (10k RPS* / 25 Servers), middle scale (50K RPS* / 200 Servers), large scale (3M RPS* / 1000 Servers) and extra-large scale (30M RPS* / 3000 Servers) Big data solutions for our customers. We provide all customer requirements from datacenter, networking (passive, active), software and maintenance. We use our technologies next to open source technologies to provide best solutions. (*RPS: Input Records Per Second)

Our customers need added-value features beside their big data platform like Data mining, Business intelligence, Artificial intelligence, and so on. We provide all these features based on Big data solutions we provide. This capability makes our customers flexible in adding new data types and new analysis to their system without worrying about inconsistencies and separated information silos.


“Neor” is a 360-Degree data analytics solution based on the state-of-the-art Big Data technologies.

Neor enables you to gather data reliably from diverse sources with different formats and protocols and in different physical locations, using a hierarchical structure. You can clean and wrangle data during this process to transform it into your desired models. Those gathered data is ingested either in batch or streaming modes into the system sustaining high volumes of data and high ingestion rates.

Neor stores data into multiple distributed storages and dynamically configure them to be able to answer queries efficiently from complex analytical ones to deep drill-down queries. This feature combined with a descent BI frontend leads to powerful and interactive dashboards which gives business analysts real insights from data quickly. In addition, with an expressive streaming primitives, you can process data on the fly and forward data to other sources or generate alerts based on the defined criteria. You can also constrain users to access only part of data.
By providing an elastic architecture, Neor helps data engineers to focus mostly on choosing and deploying the right architecture for the problem at hand and developing business-specific requirements. It also provides data scientists a collaborative WYSIWIG work place for early data discovery and running various AI algorithms on data. Finally, with all-in-one infrastructure tools, your DevOps can setup and maintain your infrastructure without much hassles.