Senior Java Developer

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Senior Java Developer


• Review program objectives to confirm project requirements
• Work with analysts, supervisors, and clients to input data and output requirements
• Analyze requirements in order to arrange the correct programming sequence and appropriate programming languages
• Convert work flow information in order to encode project requirements
• Document program development and revisions in order maintain a historical record
• Develop new applications from the concept inception phase to the testing phase
• Conduct iterative tests to continually improve program and make recommended modifications
• Provide tutorials and presentations to prepare program users

Required Skills

• A passion for technology and building software
• In-depth knowledge of Java
• In-depth knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Programming patterns and Computer Architecture
• A passion to solve various algorithm problems
• Familiar with databases such as SQL
• Experience of working in a team of programmers
• Experience of the use of Multithreading, Concurrency, Socket Programming, HTTP Rest
• Familiar with Code Style, Review ,Unit Test, CI, Git

Preferred Skills

• 5 years’ experience in Software Design with live products or projects
• Familiar with some Big Data tools such as Hadoop, Map Reduce, Kafka, Zookeeper, Cloudera, Spark
• Experience with Linux (Sysadmin) and Shell script writing
• Familiar with No-SQLs, Redis and HBase


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