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What is Network Processing and What Does Sahab Do Here?

Network Processing could be simply defined as processing of packet-based digital networking data, which has several applications in different network levels.
Network processing is becoming an increasingly important paradigm as the Internet moves towards an architecture with more complex functionality inside the network. Modern network hardware and software not only forward packets, but also process headers and payloads to implement a variety of functions related to security, performance, and customization.
It is important to get a detailed understanding of the workloads associated with this processing in order to be able to develop efficient network processing engines.
Currently we have a main product here: A network management system.

What Does Sahab Do

Network Management System is used for in-depth analysis of the packets sent over the networks that enables advanced network management, user service, and security functions as well as internet data mining.
Network Management System is used in a wide range of applications, at the enterprise level (corporations and larger institutions), in telecommunications service providers, and in governments. For instance, In addition to using Network Management System to secure their internal networks, Internet service providers also apply it on the public networks provided to customers. Common uses of Network Management System by ISPs are policy definition and enforcement, targeted advertising, quality of service, offering tiered services, copyright enforcement, and statistics.
Network Management System can determine type of applications and protocols in encrypted network traffics without the need of deciphering them. Network Management System had overcome this obstacle with occupying new AI technologies (pattern recognition, machine learning, deep learning, etc.) for reaching the maximum precision with the minimum cost.
Main features and benefits of Network Management System are:

  • Detecting 150+ protocols and applications
  • Protocol parsing for HTTP, DNS and TLS
  • Using multiple techniques for protocol detection such as:
    • pattern matching
    • flow correlation
    • statistical analysis
    • heuristics
    • machine learning
  • SDK for developing customized protocol detectors

What Does Sahab Do About Traffic Management?

Network traffic management deals with the process of monitoring and controlling the activities of network besides transforming the network into a managed resource by improving performance, efficiency, and security. It also helps to operate, administer, and maintain the network systems.
Our Traffic Management and Monitoring product have these characteristics:

  • Wire-speed packet processing engine on a single 10G NIC
  • Scalability to support multiple 10/40G links using a clustering solution
  • Inspecting packets inside GRE, IPIP and MPLS tunnels
  • Sending detailed layer7 information about network flows using IPFIX and syslog protocol
  • Flexible and feature rich policy engine
    • subscriber based policy definition
    • supporting Accept, Drop, Reject, Rate limit, HTTP redirect, DNS redirect actions per flow
    • rule definition based on layer2 up to layer7 (e.g. HTTP host, URL, etc.) headers
    • A user friendly GUI for monitoring and policy definition
    • A RESTful API for monitoring and policy definition

Want More?

With such a great capability of processing network traffic, Sahab will be proud to provide you with more information and create effective high-tech solutions which best meet your challenges and needs.
You are welcome to contact and visit us.

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