Big Data

What Is Big Data?

So-called “Big Data” is defined as the information assets characterized by such a High Volume, Velocity and/or Variety to require specific Technology and Analytical Methods for its transformation into Value.

These 3Vs have been expanded to other complementary characteristics of big data:

  • Volume: Big data doesn’t sample; it just observes and tracks what happens.
  • Velocity: Big data is often available in real-time.
  • Variety: Big data draws from text, images, audio, video, etc.

Some scientists also add a new V “Veracity” because the quality of captured data can vary greatly, affecting the accurate analysis.

But the most important “V” here is “Value” which you should extract from such data.

Sahab Co. try to empower organizations to find more great potentials in their data and guide them through the data maturity levels, in order to create maximum values for all shareholders.

Why Is Distributed Infrastructure Needed?

A distributed parallel architecture distributes data across multiple servers; these parallel execution environments can dramatically improve data processing speed.
In this age of data deluge or information flood, for making decisions at milliseconds by transactional/analytical processing of large-scale batch or streaming data (like internet-scale data volumes) you must preserve strong consistency and high performance; So engineers have no other option than to design well-distributed subsystems – such as data-intensive distributed computing, distributed file systems, distributed databases, etc. – optimized for any specific data architecture.
Sahab provides all customer requirements from datacenter, networking (passive, active), software and maintenance. We use our own technologies – such as our continuously developing data lake platform called “Neor” – next to leading edge open-source technologies to provide the best solutions.

What Does Sahab Do in the Big Data Era?

Through the years, Sahab Co. has proved that it is among the few tech companies which has the ability to fetch, aggregate, store, process and analyze really BIG data, up to multi millions of records per seconds, utilizing tens of THz of processing power, hundreds of TB of memory, and of course hundreds of PB of Disk.
Dealing with this amount of data is not an easy problem for most of the corporations. We provide all the way from hardware, network and datacenter to Big Data technologies and Data Science technics in one integrated solution.
Technically most of our customers which have Big Data challenges, also need added value features beside their big data platform like Data Mining, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Network Processing and so on. We provide all these features based on Big Data solutions we provide. This capability makes our customers flexible in adding new data types and new analysis to their system without worrying about inconsistencies and separated information silos.

In What Scales Has Sahab Worked So Far?

We provided small scale (10k RPS* / 25 Servers), middle scale (50K RPS* / 200 Servers), large scale (3M RPS* / 1000 Servers) and extra-large scale (30M RPS* / 3000 Servers) Big Data solutions for our customers.

Want More?

With experiences in successfully managing these vast amount of data, Sahab will be proud to provide you with more information and create effective high-tech solutions which best meet your challenges and needs.
You are welcome to contact and visit us.

* RPS: Input Records Per Second

What Cutting-Edge Technologies and Tools Are We Using in Big Data Projects?