Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Colloquially, the term “Artificial Intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Intelligence displayed by machines. Machines can learn to compute an approximate solution for the problems that couldn’t get solved precisely with affordable resources. This approach has led to many solutions in reasoning, planning, natural language processing, pattern recognition, etc.
In the twenty-first century, the dawn of data explosion coincides with outstanding enhancement of hardware industry. In spite of old viewpoints this coincidence increased the need of AI. Scientists have realized by increasing the complexity of AI algorithms they could tame the data explosion and use it to increase the performance and accuracy of their algorithms.
Today AI is not only a live thread in almost all the industries but also an essential part of them. It’s now solving the most challenging problems of them and is being used more and more.

What Does Sahab Do in This Spring of AI?

Not only have we tried to solve problems better using AI and machine learning (that most times, it is the most effective way to do it), but also in Sahab we also are working on some stand-alone AI projects.
Some experiences of Sahab experts in this domain are pointed out here:

  • We have developed a scalable system in the field of image processing for Face Recognition in massive video streams by means of deep learning on a cluster of GPUs, which has many use cases in mass media broadcasting, advertising, customer experience improvement in shops, video surveillance, and so on.
  • For another instance, in one of our projects about credit scoring, we used new AI and Data Science technologies to push the barriers of solutions in this traditional financial problem. Sometimes using new technologies to solve old problems generates big difference in results and this problem is one of them.
  • Also one of Sahab’s network product called Network Management System is an engine that can determine type of applications and protocols in encrypted network traffics without the need of deciphering them. Network Management System had overcome this obstacle with occupying new AI technologies (pattern recognition, machine learning, deep learning, etc.) for reaching the maximum precision with the minimum cost.

Want More?

With such competency in various AI tasks, Sahab will be proud to provide you with more information and create effective high-tech solutions which best meet your challenges and needs.
You are welcome to contact and visit us.

What Cutting-Edge Technologies and Tools Are We Using in AI Projects?