About Sahab

Sahab founded in 2013 focusing on big data Problems in Iran. We experienced a rapid growth to 80 colleagues and 3 university laboratories in less than four years. More than 90 percent of Sahabies are under 35 years old and 55 percent has MS degree or above. We have eight teams working on different areas including Big data, Distributed systems, Network products, SRE and QC.

We expanded our specialties and provided solutions domains to data science, AI and network products as well as Big Data and that enabled us to enter different industries. Now Sahab is working in Telecommunication, Banking and Media Broadcasting industries. Sahab does largest big data projects in Iran.

We provided small scale (10k RPS* / 25 Servers), middle scale (50K RPS* / 200 Servers), large scale (3M RPS* / 1000 Servers) and extra-large scale (30M RPS* / 3000 Servers) Big data solutions for our customers. We provide all customer requirements from datacenter, networking (passive, active), software and maintenance. We use our technologies next to open source technologies to provide best solutions. (*RPS: Input Records Per Second)

We believe quality comes out of best talents so we gather them. Best students of best universities in Iran and some graduates of European universities came together to form our quality culture. Every line of code in all solutions are tested and reviewed many times to ensure the quality. Dedicated QC team and many Quality assurance processes and tools in development teams are supervising development and deployment of solutions.

We believe to make the best company we need experiences of older high tech companies so we constantly research on and try successful experiences of companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Pixar, Toyota, and so on. After years of research and with fail fast, fail often mindset in head, now we have a different culture from them but with many good micro cultures from them. This enabled us to grow fast, maintain our solutions quality, coming through technology, overcoming relational issues, enter new markets, and expanding our business with new customers. Now we standing on the shoulder of giants!

Sahab Lifestyle


Sahab’s lifestyle comes out of our mindset that we gather smart creatives together so they know what the solution for every problem is. Providing freedom with free flow of information, a lovely culture, and shared values enables them to create new ways if they do not find one.


Full mesh communication structure beside a flat organization structure makes Sahab a friendly environment that everyone wants to work in. using this lovely interaction environment with candor helps us finding new ways of doing things and preventing missteps to become major failures.


Nice and very comfortable workspace with any facilities needed for work and rest is what makes Sahabies be happy all day. Sahab provides meals all day from very beginning of morning until very late at night all of them free of charge. Sport and entertainment facilities in site and in gyms are available.